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DKNY Jeans Cotton Gauze Sleeveless Boyfriend Shirt
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Sleeveless boyfriend shirt boast a loose, comfortable fit. Lightweight, sheer textured-cotton gauze. ;...Fashion, Clothing, Clothes, Tops, Women's Sleeveless, DKNY Jeans Apparel
DKNY Jeans DKNY Jeans Legging in Blue Spell
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Make a lasting impression when you strut down the street in this decadent jean legging. This jean offer...Fashion, Clothing, Clothes, Bottoms, Women's Jeans, DKNY Jeans Apparel
DKNY Jeans Plus Size Sketchy Floral Print and Color Block Tank Top
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Trapeze tank drapes easily away from the form for a roomy fit. Lightweight rayon weave flaunts an whims...Fashion, Clothing, Clothes, Tops, Women's Sleeveless, DKNY Jeans Apparel
DKNY Jeans Raglan Bomber Jacket
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Upgrade your look with the addition of this casual DKNY JEANS bomber jacket. Crafted from a lightweight...Fashion, Clothing, Clothes, Tops, Men's Coat, DKNY Jeans Apparel

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